How Much Does Lawn Mowing Cost

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How much does lawn mowing cost in Iowa and Dane county, Wisconsin Lawn Care Company LLC


Lawn mowing prices are different for every company or individual that you will hire.

Some companies would like to get $60 or more an hour and the solo guy or girl may only want to get $20 or $30 an hour. It all depends on the quality of work that you would like to receive and the amount of overhead costs that the lawn care provider needs to make to cover expenses and profit.

For us because of what we need to make for our overhead and some profit we charge around $35 to $40 per visit for a quarter acre lot which is typical for most lawns that we service. Our price is $35 per visit for a lawn without many obstacles to mow and trim around. When you have gates to get through and more obstacles we charge a higher rate because we will need to spend more time on your property.

All Lawn Care Providers Are Not The Same

If you wanted a Rolex you wouldn’t buy a swatch and think it’s the same. It also applies when hiring someone to take care of your lawn. You will get what you pay for and if you want good results you will have to pay a bit extra for it.

When you get an estimate with a low price, that usually means that the quality won’t be what you want because they plan on just doing the basics or they don’t know their numbers and they will be out of business once something breaks down. The higher price estimate is normally well thought out and comes from experience with the size and complexity of your lawn.

Your cheaper bid will leave you with clumpy grass piles, uneven cut grass, missed string trimming and grass left on the sidewalks, you may also have chopped up trash here and there. The higher price will leave a nicely stripped lawn pattern, neatly trimmed obstacles, and a very thorough cleanup.

You want the company that will give you the peace of mind that you know you will be taken care of, not the mow and go outfit. Hire the one that will double cut if need be when the grass is growing strong, picks up any trash before running it over, has respect for your property, takes pride in their work and gives you a great customer experience. That’s what you want for your money.

I do like the idea of giving the youth a chance because it’s good to get them out being productive. There are some younger folks that do a great job and don’t have a lot to pay for since they most likely have a push mower that’s paid off. So they can charge a lower price.

As long as you let them know what you expect to get, which is a complete mowing of all grass areas and hopefully they have a string trimmer to make it look nicer and also to blow all grass off hard surface areas and landscape beds. The most important thing is to make sure they show up each week. Ask what their plan is once school starts back up after summer break.

It is a smart choice to hire someone to maintain your grass

Here are some reasons why:

Time – This is normally the most important benefit for the busy homeowner. Summers always go by way too fast and if you have kids then it goes even faster. Saving your time for the things that make you happy is invaluable. It’s said that the average American homeowner spends 70 hours a year on their lawn and 1 in 5 say that lawn mowing is their least liked chore.

Pride – We don’t like to admit it but normally what people think of us ranks way up there with oxygen. Having a nicely striped lawn that looks a lot better than what your neighbor can do with their lawn is a source of pride even if you didn’t actually do the work. Entertaining becomes easier when your outside living area is manicured and aesthetically pleasing.

Happiness – Imagine not having the dread that comes from just thinking about mowing let alone actually doing it. No more sweat-drenched Saturdays fighting to get the mower started. Forget about dealing with spilling gas or oil. Stepping in dog poo is a thing of the past and no more grass-stained shoes. Besides, it’s just more fun to watch someone else do the work.

Save – Yes you can actually save money if you hire a provider to professionally take your lawn to the next level. If you were to invest in the equipment that lawn care providers use to make your lawn look so good you are talking about thousands of dollars. The average professional grade zero turn lawn mower that is used by professionals costs around $10,000. Even the equipment to prune bushes is around $500. This is possible by spreading the cost of the equipment throughout many different customers over a long period of time.

Upgrade – You most likely can’t get the results of a company that has been doing this kind of work for years. If you hire the right lawn care provider they can put nice looking mowed stripes in your grass. It definitely makes your lawn look like its been done by a pro. There is also the trimming that is done that gives everything a nice and tidy look. Also, the cleanup is important, when no grass is left to be seen on any hard surface areas and blown out of the landscape beds you get a finishing look that’s hard to beat.

What does it cost to provide lawn care?

There are many costs that go along with running a legitimate lawn care company. First, you have to pay employees and if you want good help you need to pay them well. Pay for a good lawn care technician is around $15 an hour plus you need to pay workers comp and have insurance on them so if they get hurt on your property you are not liable. That is also a risk you take if you hire someone that does not have insurance, it could end up costing you a lot more. Then there is training for the employees that is non-billable and that is an ongoing cost.

Taxes take a chunk out of profits that the lawn care provider must pay quarterly or yearly. Insurance for vehicles and equipment also is a cost that must be taken out. There are also maintenance costs for wear and tear on everything that is used daily. Gas for trucks, mowers, trimmers, and blowers is always fluctuating and must be priced into the cost. Uniforms and safety equipment are also an expense that needs to be replaced every so often. Equipment upgrades for better efficiency and results must be taken into account.

The prices can vary and that depends on many factors. In our situation for example when we started we had the experience but didn’t have all the overhead costs that you find with the big lawn care companies. So we were cheaper then but as we grow we need to charge more. To be able to serve more customers we must buy bigger and better equipment with bigger trailers and trucks and also a place to rent for storage. That’s part of the reason why the price goes up.

You must also do advertising to get work, and that can be a big expense. Things like lawn signs, Newspaper ads, Facebook ads and the like are factored into the price as well. There are even more costs but you now have an understanding of why the price may seem high when all they are doing is cutting your grass. For the good companies out there it is so much more than just making your grass shorter. It’s an enjoyable lifestyle that gives the freedom to work outdoors while getting great satisfaction from seeing the results that your hard work produced.

If you are not convinced yet that paying a few more dollars per lawn care visit is worth it, then don’t be surprised if you end up with poor results and a shirtless guy with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth on your property when you come home. I hope this helps, Good luck!

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